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Welcome to my small little corner of the internet you can call me Pothos!
This site here is very experimental and very under construction as I work to make the back end a little bit easier to work with so eveything is subject to change at least for now, It'll be full of various rambles, pictures of stuff I've been working on, and some shrines for things I like :). Pretty much all of the images/titles on this site are made by me! I've been working on my pixel art and more recently textmode art (pretty much everything you see is handmade). definetly not mobile friendly. update log just in case you wanna see it
I'm also a fan of various peices of media including but not limited to: Wolf 359, The magnus archives, blaseball (RIV :( ), deltarune, The Mistholme Museum, and The Silt Verse (if you have any podcast reccomendations I would be glad to hear em). On that note if you wanna contact me for some reason you can email me at c3bu.blu3.p0thos@gmail.com if you so please. I hope you enjoy this site!

See music I like ~here~

Song of However Often I Change This Thing:

End-World Normopathy by Ghost, Carbon Monoxide, Vane Lily, and Cruormor
The crunch on this song is just delicious and I always love the distorted choir sounds in the instrumentals of ghost songs

- redo blog page and change it to ramblings
- Add more photos for hobbies
- put lil guys all over the place
- make silt verses shrine

Useful/cool websites! :)

piskel: this is the website i use for all the gifs, background, and random pixel art on this website, its very intuitive and would absolutly reccomend it!
Gifcities: i personally don't use this one for my site but it is a great archive of old gifs and it's really fun to look through
Marginalia Search Engine: it's a search engine that punishes modern website desgn which means you find some really interesting websites you won't find on the main search engines its very nice for going down internet rabbitholes
Ezgif: a nice gif editor very easy to use and handy if your messing around with gifs
Archive.org: a classic but it's one of my favorite websites out there an enormous library of everything books, websites, and plenty of other stuff. very handy if you wanna find sources and just fun to look around
Ravelry &Ribblr: both pattern wesites! plenty of free patterns (both knit and crochet) as well as paid ones if you have money to spend I personally don't use ribblr but one of my friends swears on it so maybe its your cup of tea.
Sandspiel: fun lil physics-based browser game seems pretty simple but it's a fun way to kill some spare time
lvllvl: this is where I make my ~textmode~ art (my header image is an example of that) it's a really nice platform and textmode in general just looks really cool imo
Rotating Food Gifs: Rotating Food gifs what more is there to say